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Maintain your Dacia

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Dacia maintenance

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Come to us for all your maintenance needs and you'll never pay over the odds.

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Dacia Service plans

Dacia - After-Sales services

Discover our Dacia Service plans.

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Dacia - After-Sales service

Who better to complete the NCT for your Dacia than a Dacia technician?

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Dacia bodywork

Dacia - After-Sales service

Want to keep your bodywork on top form? Or need a fix? We can take care of it all and help your Dacia hold its value.

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Dacia's commitments

Dacia - After-Sales service

By entrusting us with the maintenance or repair of your Dacia, you're assured of quality and hassle-free services

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Use your Dacia

Take full advantage of your Dacia and find out more about looking after your car, as well as our accessories and multimedia system


Dacia - After-Sales services

Bells and whistles. Spruce up your car with our useful accessory packs.

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Navigation & Multimedia

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Learn more about your Media Nav system.

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Tips and advice

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Benefit from advice on maintenance and tips on seasonal driving.

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Assistance services

Warranty, assistance and insurance... Discover the Dacia assistance services

Warranty & Extended Warranties

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Because we don't know what tomorrow may bring, explore Dacia warranties. Giving you total support, convenience and peace of mind. 

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Dacia - After-Sales services

Whether you've lost your key or had a technical problem, Dacia Assistance is by your side whatever the circumstances: 24/7.

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Dacia - After-Sales services

Dacia Insurance offers a great range of benefits on both our FREE Driveaway Insurance and Annual Policy – specifically designed for Dacia car drivers.

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