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Your windscreen is the barrier between you and the road - and it goes through a lot! Be sure to keep an eye out for any chips, cracks or damage to keep yourself safe.

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Be on the lookout for the first signs of wiper blade wear: windscreen not properly wiped, increased glare, noisy wipers, etc. and have them checked regularly.

To prevent them from becoming clogged up, clean the blades with a cloth and windscreen washer or with a wet sponge! It is recommended that you replace your windscreen wipers every year.


Heard of the two-pound coin rule? A chip in your windscreen that size could mean you need to replace your whole windscreen.  But check your insurance – it may be covered. 


Most important, don’t wait too late for repairs. If the problem gets worse, you could end up spending a lot more than you need to. 


Dacia servicing includes regular inspection of your wiper blades, washer fluid top-ups and replacement of your blades once a year to prevent the risks associated with their wear.

Dacia wiper blades

- 1 year guarantee on all parts & labour
- 1 year guarantee on all parts & labour
- Only Dacia-Approved parts fitted
- Only Dacia-Approved parts fitted
- Car washed & cleaned
- Car washed & cleaned

All prices quoted are manufacturer recommended retail prices including VAT at the prevailing rate. Prices may vary depending on model and servicing requirement. All prices are correct at time of publication and may be subject to change at any point without notice.  Available at participating Dealers only.


* Additional parts may be required according to the maintenance programme (not included in stated price) Consult your Dacia Dealer for the correct specification for your vehicle.

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Our advice for maintaining your windscreen wiper blades:

  • Rinse them in water on a regular basis
  • Use windscreen washer fluid only
  • Preferably change them at the end of winter each year



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