Warranty & Extended Warranties

Our warranties are designed to handle unexpected events

Manufacturer Warranty

Your Dacia three-year manufacturer warranty

Dacia - after-sales - Warranty

Every new Dacia is covered by a standard 3 year / 100,000 km* Warranty package.

During this period, you know that any issues will be taken care of in the Dacia network at no charge whatsoever.

You will enjoy high-quality repairs with original parts. In the event of a breakdown, call Dacia Assistance.

Dacia Extended Warranties

Protect the value of your Dacia

"Peace of Mind" extended warranty

What if you could drive your Dacia for years and years, with complete peace of mind? You can now, with the "Peace of Mind" extended warranty!

At Dacia, we don’t force you to pay a premium for a longer warranty if you don’t want one, but we’ll offer you the opportunity to purchase one if you do. By extending your warranty, you’ll benefit from ongoing protection from mechanical and electrical failure after the standard manufacturer’s warranty has expired. For warranty extension options and pricing, please contact your local dealer. 

Dacia Assistance Services

Assistance services

Legal notices


*The Dacia Manufacturer's Warranty ends on whichever of the two contractual provisions is reached first: the term starts from the first registration date of the vehicle and the km's start when the kilometer is at zero.