Sandero Stepway crossover engines

Engines All-New Dacia Sandero Stepway Stepway Prestige

All-New Sandero Stepway offers petrol, diesel and LPG engines to suit every driver.

Available engines

Stepway Essential
Stepway Essential
Stepway Comfort
Stepway Comfort
Stepway Prestige
Stepway Prestige

Petrol/LPG (1)

Tce 100 Bi-Fuelstarting RRP
starting RRP
starting RRP
TCe 90 CVTstarting RRP
starting RRP

Specifications in detail^

Efficient engines

A winning combination! Control your consumption and reduce your maintenance budget with our engines designed to support your daily routine.

  • Sandero Stepway ECO-G 100


Sandero Stepway is now available with the Dacia petrol and LPG Bi-Fuel engine. Integrated natively, the safe and efficient Bi-Fuel engine offers a cleaner, more eco-friendly alternative. With this solution, you can keep your fuel costs down while also reducing your CO2 emissions. And that's not all! Easy-to-use, it features two fuel tanks – one petrol and one LPG – and extends the driving range of your Sandero Stepway significantly. With its turbo and 100 hp, your Bi-Fuel engine combines savings with pleasure.

Fuel consumption simulator

Are you wondering which engine best suits you?

Find the answer using our fuel consumption simulator.

With its petrol engines fitted with a particle filter and meeting the new Euro6 standards in force, Sandero Stepway combines driving comfort with greater respect for the environment.

TCe 90

Super versatile


Available with a manual gearbox, this latest generation 3-cylinder 90 hp turbo engine is more environmentally friendly and offers incredible responsiveness and driveability. With its timing belt, you can save even more and reduce your daily maintenance budget. So clever!

TCe 90 CVT

Driving comfort 


Enjoy a smooth and pleasant driving experience! Equipped with our new-generation CVT 2-pedal automatic gearbox, this 3-cylinder 90 hp turbo engine ensures a smooth start, flexible accelerations and gear changes with no “springy” effect. Relax!

Are you ready to hit the road with All-New Dacia Sandero Stepway?


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All-New Sandero
All-New Sandero
starting RRP €12,990
All-New Sandero Essential SCe 65
starting RRP €19,990
Duster Essential TCe 100 Bi-Fuel 4x2

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