At Dacia After-Sales you'll find the service that's just right to match your Dacia's maintenance programme
- The full service includes 87 checkpoints
- The oil change uses the oil recommended in the service manual
- Replacement of the oil filter, air filter, diesel filter or spark plugs
- Electronic diagnosis
- Fluid top-ups (not including fuel)

Advice & Tips

By sticking to the servicing intervals indicated in your maintenance programme,  you can avoid breakdowns caused by wear and tear and keep your Dacia in top form.


Along with brakes and shock absorbers, tyres form the "safety triangle" of your vehicle.
Checking tyre wear ensures optimal grip and good road-holding  

Advice & Tips

Regularly check the condition of your tyres using the wear indicator between the grooves. Be on the lookout for signs of wear such as vibrations in the steering wheel, cracks on the sides, worn treads, suspicious rolling noise
Avoid over-inflating and bursting tyres by checking  pressure every month when the tyres are cold: the correct pressure is indicated on the inside of your door
Remember that Dacia After-Sales routinely checks your tyres whenever you come in for a service 

Climate control

Climate control ensures your passenger compartment is comfortable in any season, thanks to temperature regulation, demisting and purification.
Effective climate control  guarantees a pleasant and healthy journey for everyone, in complete safety.
This means it's important to regularly check the climate control system in your Dacia.

Advice & Tips

Be on the lookout for the initial signs of deficiency or failure:   unpleasant odours, allergy problems, less effective cooling or heating of the passenger compartment, or persistent mist. To avoid these problems:
- Regularly use the climate control, all year round
- Clean the system every year and  replace the passenger compartment filter every two years. 


Because your braking system is responsible for everyone's safety, it's important to have complete faith in it.
Along with the tyres and shock absorbers, the brakes form the famous "safety triangle", which mustn't be overlooked . 

Advice & Tips

Be on the lookout for the initial signs of wear: an increase in braking distance, vibrations under your feet when you apply the brakes, etc.

To maintain effective braking, have your brakes checked every two years or 20,000 km. Change the brake fluid every four years or 120,000 km.
Remember that the brake drums must be dusted every 60,000 km.

Shock absorbers

Your shock absorbers make sure you have a comfortable and safe drive. They ensure good road-holding whatever the road conditions. They  form part  of the "safety triangle" together with the brakes and tyres. 

Advice & Tips

Be on the lookout for the initial signs of deficiency in your shock absorbers: increased braking distance,  faster wear on tyres, aquaplaning, etc.
- If in doubt, have them checked for free by Dacia After-Sales during servicing.
- Avoid holes and imperfections in the road  by adopting a gentle driving style that will help your shock absorbers last longer. 

Timing belt

Your timing belt ensures perfect synchronisation between the different parts of the engine. It's essential to stick to the replacement schedule  

Advice & Tips

The are no signs to alert you about wear in your timing belt.
To prevent damage that might even result in engine failure, make sure you stick to the timing belt replacement schedule.
The timing belt must be changed when your vehicle is five years old or has covered 60,000 km.
You should also take advantage of this work to check the water pump. 


Even though your battery charges itself when the engine is running, it still needs to be maintained.
The battery is the heart of your vehicle and, if poorly maintained, is responsible for 85% of breakdowns.

Advice & Tips

Be on the lookout for the initial signs of fatigue, including slower start-up and less effective electrical equipment 
- Check  your battery  every two years or 30,000 km and replace it every four years or 60,000 km.
- Also  check your ignition system before cold weather or heavy heat sets in and check your spark plugs after 30,000 km. 


 Your windscreen wipers are subject to thermal stresses all year round and are under attack from UV rays and the oxygen in the air.
 Worn wipers can also scratch your windscreen.  Care for them and change them regularly to ensure your safety and driving comfort  

Advice & Tips

Be on the lookout for the initial signs of wear : windscreen poorly wiped, increased glare,  noisy  wipers, etc.  and have them regularly checked.
To prevent them getting clogged up, clean the blades with a cloth and windscreen washer or with a wet sponge!
It is recommended that you replace your windscreen wipers every year  


An MOT is mandatory. Dacia After-Sales provides a free pre-MOT on the 118 inspection points, 67 of which are inspected a second time. Properly caring for your car will save you time and money.

Advice & Tips

Brakes, lights, grip, pollution, mechanical parts and bodywork are just a few examples of the items that will be inspected.
Have your pre-MOT at Dacia and get:
- a courtesy car  at a special rate on request
- a free quotation if repairs are required
- a reimbursed second inspection if the vehicle does not pass its MOT 


Maintain, protect and repair your bodywork