Personal Contract Plan (PCP)

A flexible way to finance your Dacia

How does it work?

Dacia Plan, our PCP product, is a flexible way to finance your new car. Dacia Plan provides you with a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value, offering you “Shockingly Affordable” monthly payments.

1. Deposit
1. Deposit

Firstly, select a deposit

2. Balance to fund
2. Balance to fund

Next, your dealer will calculate your monthly payments based on the maximum annual mileage to suit your needs. 

3. Guaranteed Minimum Future Value
3. Guaranteed Minimum Future Value

Finally, your dealer will calculate the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value depending on your driving requirements. 

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PCP is flexible and simple

Your dealer will calculate the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value at the beginning of your agreement. The amount you pay is the price of your new Dacia, minus your deposit and the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value, plus any interest and fees. This makes driving your new Dacia shockingly affordable. The interest charged is calculated at the beginning and is fixed for the length of the agreement.


Lower fixed monthly payments will help you stick to your monthly budget or could even mean that you are able to upgrade to a higher specification car.


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What happens at the end of my agreement?

You will get a choice of three options when your Dacia Plan agreement comes to an end.

Plan 1: Change your Dacia

If the vehicle is worth more than the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value amount, you could part exchange your vehicle by putting the difference towards a deposit on a new Dacia.


Plan 2: Return your Dacia

Simply return your vehicle in good condition, within the agreed mileage limits, and pay nothing.


Plan 3: Keep your Dacia

Pay the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value and be transferred ownership of the vehicle.