• Dacia details its innovative new Media Control system
  • The clever new setup debuts on All-New Dacia Sandero and All-New Dacia Sandero Stepway
  • Media Control is a simple, innovative solution to fully integrate the driver’s smartphone
  • Watch Nicolas Legros, Dacia Operational Cross Car Line Director, explain more:
Our smartphones go everywhere with us. We use them as cameras, clocks and even cash. Many drivers now use them as their navigation and multimedia device, however, there has long been an issue with finding a suitable and steady place to display smartphones whilst driving.

Dacia has recognised this problem, and the brand's innovative engineers and designers have combined their talents to meet the challenge and create Dacia’s new Media Control system. By applying Dacia’s thinking, the solution is resourceful, economical, and perfectly suited to the way customers already use their smartphones in the car.

Nicolas Legros, Dacia Operational Cross Car Line Director, explains:
"Our mission at Dacia is to redefine the essential car. So, we had to find a solution that was clever, simple, and attractive for multimedia. Customer surveys show that Dacia buyers prefer simplicity in this area. This is an important point that is also echoed by members of the Dacia community. Our engineers and designers have therefore worked together to create Media Control, a system that places our customers' favourite screen - their phone - at the centre of the in-car multimedia experience."
What is Media Control?
The clever new Media Control provides effortless hassle-free connectivity, seamlessly integrating a driver’s device to control various functions within the All-New Sandero and All-New Sandero Stepway. In addition to the standard radio, it combines a dedicated housing for the smartphone and a free, easy-to-use customisable smartphone app to operate the system.

Installed on the top of the All-New Sandero’s dashboard in a purpose-built slot, the driver’s smartphone is firmly held by a robust mount and is perfectly integrated into the driving experience.

Slightly angled towards the driver, the smartphone is in perfect view, ensuring it can be operated safely. Everything is easily accessible within a few clicks.

To access Dacia’s Media Control, all owners need to do is download the Dacia Media Control app onto their smartphone and link to their car via a Bluetooth connection. The application is intuitive, with a user interface that allows efficient and fluid navigation through the menus. It’s easy to get to grips with the system as it simply follows a smartphone user experience.

All the essential functions are at the driver’s fingertips, such as navigation, radio, music, telephone contacts and even access to vehicle information. Access can be activated by voice, thanks to the smartphone's voice recognition, or operated via the steering wheel buttons. When the phone isn’t kept in the dock, the housing neatly disappears into the dashboard.

Nicolas Legros explains:
"Media Control is a complete multimedia system. It includes a radio, two speakers, a USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel controls and, above all, a smartphone docking station integrated into the dashboard. From the very beginning of the project, this docking station was truly integrated into the design of the dashboard. A guarantee of comfort and ergonomics for our customers."
Customisable and clever setup
Nicolas Legros sums up the intelligent functions of the system: “Media Control brings the best of smartphone technology to the driving experience.”

Thanks to the customisable smartphone app, the system adapts to the needs of each user and connects to the vehicle's on-board computer to make it a truly smart setup.

Shortcuts can be created for a driver’s favourite widgets, applications, and even frequent contacts. For navigation, there is a wide choice of map and guidance providers, while a feature reminds drivers to take their phones with them at the end of a journey, and a useful ‘Go To My Car’ function directs the driver to where they have parked their vehicle.

Multimedia options include radio, playlists from the phone, subscriptions to music platforms, USB sticks or MP3 players. For the phone, in addition to calls, all the essential functions are available: hands-free mode to find a contact in the phonebook, consult the history or access the events planned in the calendar.

A feature currently on Android, and soon on iOS, the SMS function can even read messages out loud. For vehicle functions, the Driving ECO function gives access to real-time fuel consumption and personalised driving tips at the end of each journey.

Nicolas Legros concludes that the intuitive, customisable, well thought out system is "the embodiment of the brand's DNA applied to multimedia", ticking all the boxes of the Dacia spirit. It's simple, practical, and clever.

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