Savings created with Dacia Bi-Fuel engines

Psst! Have you heard the news? Choosing Dacia Bi-Fuel means enjoying a competitive purchase price and savings on a daily basis. So what are you waiting for?

Dacia Bi-Fuel: a (very) good deal!

Savings on your fuel budget

Dacia ECO-G: savings on your fuel budget

LPG fuel prices are significantly lower! Fuel costs per mile can be lowered by 40% on average compared to a petrol engine.

A competitive price

Dacia ECO-G: a competitive price

Have you fallen for a particular Bi-Fuel model? At only €1500 more than a petrol equivalent, the cost of our LPG technology pays for itself after one year for the average driver. So you get to enjoy all the benefits of Bi-Fuel, without the compromise.

Reduced running costs

Dacia ECO-G: reduced running costs

Maintenance for Bi-Fuel engines is the same cost as petrol engines. Together with the fuel savings and cheaper Road Fund Licence than our petrol engine, the low running costs make Bi-Fuel a no-brainer. It’s a great deal!

Dacia Bi-Fuel is also...

Dacia ECO-G: reliable technology

Reliable technology

No hidden surprises
Dacia ECO-G: Simple technology

Simple technology

A smart idea!

Ready to make the leap? Discover Bi-Fuel vehicles

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Dacia Sandero Stepway Bi-Fuel city car

Dacia Sandero Bi-Fuel is a city car full of character, with an assertive crossover look. Versatile, it is suitable for both everyday urban journeys and road driving.