Book a Dacia test drive

Are you wondering which vehicle is right for you? Book a test drive for the Dacia model of your choice to find the vehicle that suits you. View all of our new vehicles available for test drive and step into the world of Dacia...

Starting RRP €19,365
Duster Essential TCe 90 6 Dfull
Starting RRP €12,130
Sandero Alternative SCe 75
Sandero Stepway
Starting RRP €13,530
Sandero Stepway Stepway Alternative SCe 75
Logan MCV
Starting RRP €13,450
Logan MCV Alternative SCe 75
Logan MCV Stepway
Starting RRP €18,250
Logan MCV Stepway Stepway Signature TCe 90

Try a Dacia car in actual driving conditions

Admire the design of a car, appreciate its comfort, test the equipment, feel the pleasure of driving... All of these unique sensations that are impossible to describe in a brochure. Choose simplicity and find all the answers to your questions with a test drive in actual driving conditions.

A selection of new vehicles available for test drive

Dynamic, agile, comfortable, sporty, modular... Are you looking for the perfect car? Don't wait any longer! Thanks to Dacia, you can enjoy the experience and book one of our models for a free test drive behind the wheel of a new vehicle before you make your decision. What could be better?

Book your test drive with ease

Select a model, enter your personal details, choose a date... A few steps are all it takes to make your test drive request online and book an appointment at your Dacia dealer. See you soon!

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